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Investing With a Purpose 

At Reunion, we strive to teach and implement Investor Responsibility. This means seeing past the immediate gain and providing for those who we often displace. As newcomers in communities, we must build for the needs of all, not just some.


Reunion's Full-Service Investment strategy allows clients to build a passive real estate portfolio centered around a program that produces long term returns. We only offer real estate investment solutions that produce results for clients. We have investment opportunities in emerging military markets, green energy, and small business developments. Reunion provides wholesale acquisition and management services to ensure that your returns stay steady and that you achieve your investment goals.



Our military rental program combined with our full-service approach allows clients to secure their investments in military markets like Wichita Falls TX without fear of over appreciation. Our work with the military enables us to provide mid-tier luxury homes to the men and women who keep our country safe, in exchange for military back rents.

Program Offerings
Military Backed Rents
Non-Deployable Military Members
Wichita Fall's TX: Sheppard Air Force Base

Wichita Falls has a large range of individuals and families looking for a place to call home. With a large renter base and steady employment, it stands ready to develop into a fast growing economic market in Texas. Through investments in both residential and commercial real estate, there is potential for this mid-sized city to emerge as an economic power house.

Pre-Approved Renters
3 Month Renter Insight
VA Eligible Buyers


A lot of folks are saying that Earths climate change will produce nothing, but issues. We disagree, at Reunion we see a problem that can be fixed by providing investment opportunities into green infrastructure projects like large scale electric vehicle charging stations. By providing green investment products like these our clients can take part in solving the issues associated with climate change while turning a profit.

Current Green Initiatives
  • Large Scale E-Car Changing Stations

  • Gulf Coast Wind Turbine Project

  • Green Multi-Family Developments

  • Turn Composting

  • Aquaponic Farms & Fisheries

Current Green Initiatives
Current Green Initiatives


Small business is the backbone of America. From your favorite coffee shop to your neighborhood dog walker, these are the small business's that Reunion cares most about. Without locally-based companies to support our Military Rental Program and Green Investments, most of our investors would be losing out on a lot of potential capital. Meshed with our full-service capability, we build the business's within communities in order to support our markets and grow returns.

Small Business Development Process
  1. Reunion Partners With A Startup Or Existing Business Needing Funding For Growth.

  2. We Provide An Advisor To Assess Where Capital Is To Be Directed To Achieve Success.

  3. Opportunities Are Forwarded To Clients Who Best Fit The Investment Criteria.

  4. Reunion, Investors, and Small Business Enter Into Agreement For Funding.

  5. Reunion Grows Business and Follows Business Development Strategy


  • Reunion makes no claims of ownership to all properties not owned by Reunion.

  • Reunion makes no claims to represent sellers or buyers in any transaction.

  • Reunion will contract out work to our partnered vendors.

  • Reunion's military partnership is extended only to leasing homes.

  • Investing has risk and you should always do your due diligence when trusting anyone or company with your money

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