About Us

Reunion Investments was founded on rebuilding communities across America. We noticed that small towns across the US were stuck in the wake of the 2008 crisis. This realization offered us a chance to rebuild these areas through small business growth and new developments, as well as offer real estate investors a unique opportunity to build wealth.

Our Leadership

Solomon Floyd

CEO & Founder

Phone- 214-438-4809 Ext 0

Solomon Floyd founded Reunion Investments LLC. His personal experience of military service informs his approach to improving the lives of current military members and their families while enabling investors to build passive wealth, leverage portfolios of holdings and service America’s communities.


He discusses with clients how to earn the most returns through economic development and military markets.

Gerrit Knoblock

Director of Operations 

Phone- 214-438-4809 Ext 3

Gerrit Knoblock was born with a genuine eye for real estate having doubled his family's pump and well installation business through his natural business abilities.

As Director of Operations for Reunion Investments, Gerrit is our resident expert helping keep day to day operations on track and delivering value and opportunity for many of our clients.

Reunion Investments LLC

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