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Strategic Real Estate Investment Solutions Utilizing Tertiary and Military Markets That Minimize Risk

Creating Wealth and Building Better Communities Through Real Estate Investing

Reunion Investments LLC is an innovative economic development and real estate investment firm with a focus on tertiary, military and VASH markets. We provide cities and communities with specialized analysis and solutions utilizing private investment dollars to spur economic growth and provide individualized real estate investment opportunities to help our clients achieve their wealth-building goals.

Over $27 Million Invested in Communities


Current Clients

"I have been investing with Reunion for over 2 years and it has been the majority of my rental growth. They have been producing solid results and returns. I highly recommend them.

Julia Garnett

"I trust Reunion more than any other company out there. They have delivered on every project and make it less stressful to get into real estate investing. If you are new to this, trust them, they know what they are doing."

Alex Kelly

"I started out as a student of the Reunion Wholesale Program and now I invest into their program every quarter. Their missions, program, and services are simple and straight forward. They are the best out there!"

Jamie Kwebetchu

Reunion Disclaimer

  • Reunion makes no claims of ownership to all properties not owned by Reunion.

  • Reunion makes no claims to represent sellers or buyers in any transaction.

  • Reunion will contract out work to our partnered contractors.

  • Reunion's military partnership is extended only to leasing homes.

  • Reunion will not offer refunds for any products, services, or non-member investments.

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