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Welcome to Reunion Investments LLC. We are the leading consultants for single and first-time real estate investors looking for advice on their first investment home, seasoned real estate investors looking to automate their processes, and Institutions looking for large tracts of investment homes.

For those investors entering the world of real estate investing, the road to financial freedom can be a daunting one, with many pitfalls and obstacles. The wrong move, whether due to inexperience or improper guidance, could jeopardize years of an investor’s hard work and savings, but with the right team, those worries can be laid to rest. 

Using Tertiary Markets to Create Real Estate Investment Opportunities to Minimize Risk

At Reunion, we provide economic development for tertiary markets focused around investment real estate, small business development, and military markets. As a veteran-owned company, we understand preparation, hard work, and integrity. We also understand what dedicated service means to each one of our investors and clients.

Reunion Investments LLC

Military Rental Program Creating Passive Income Means Low-Risk Real Estate Investing

Full-service consulting means that Reunion’s team provides thoroughly planned investment opportunities with the federal government and local municipalities. We have entered into private-public partnerships with federal and municipal governments to renovate and construct multiple properties, and we feel we have been able to mitigate much of the risk for our clients and our renters.

Many of these partnerships mean that we can build and renovate residences for members of the U.S. military. As a veteran-owned company, we take pride in providing quality homes (instead of the sub-par housing) for our nation's heroes. This gives them and their families the opportunity to live in the same home for the duration of their military assignments, which makes for a stable and profitable rental environment.


This unique process allows us to ensure you achieve a monthly income from our products, giving you the stability you desire and the financial freedom you deserve. 

Building and Growing Communities from Single-Family Investments to Multi-Family Investments and Commercial  Real Estate Investments

As times change there is now more and more responsibility placed on those transforming communities. As developers and investors, we must recognize our responsibility to those we build for, but more importantly those we push further away. Gentrification is affecting more and more of the working poor and forcing a large migration of people into areas that cannot support the mass exodus. We must build for all people and preserve communities across our great country, or risk the further separation of Americans


Current Clients

"I have been investing with Reunion for over 2 years and it has been the majority of my rental growth. They have been producing solid results and returns. I highly recommend them.

Julia Garnett

"I started out as a student of the Reunion Wholesale Program and now I invest into their program every quarter. Their missions, program, and services are simple and straight forward. They are the best out there!"

Jamie Kwebetchu

"I trust Reunion more than any other company out there. They have delivered on every project and make it less stressful to get into real estate investing. If you are new to this, trust them, they know what they are doing."

Alex Kelly


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  • Reunion makes no claims to represent sellers or buyers in any transaction.

  • Reunion will contract out work to our partnered contractors.

  • Reunion's military partnership is extended only to leasing homes.

  • Reunion will not offer refund's for any products, services, or non-member investments.

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